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Amazon Alexa

How to make the world fall in love with AI

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    Amazon Alexa


01. The Challenge

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa artificial intelligence software is one of the most intriguing technologies on the planet, connecting millions of customers to a world of fulfillment, all with the power of their voice.


To help boost an edge in the AI Assistant mega-fight, Amazon needed to inject some life into Alexa to bring its personality to life, building trust and love in the process, and ultimately helping to unlock Alexa’s potential as a truly helpful presence in the owner’s life, thus increasing on-device usage utilizing more of Alexa’s skillset.

Spotlighting Alexa's quirky personality to make it the most helpful voice assistant on the market.

02. The Work

Amazon Alexa

Wunderman-Thompson called in RoadTrip to lead creative and digital strategy, and to assist in the creative development process, presenting to client the framework for a year’s worth of creative brand executions across social media and digital media environments.

The Strategy

To help drive love and adoration for Alexa en masse, RoadTrip wrote a strategy that positioned Alexa as more than just a voice-driven personal assistant, but instead as a learning and growing personality with its own interests, character quirks, and way of interacting with the world, inspiring creative concepts to emerge that helped owners see Alexa in a new light.

03. Services Provided

  • Creative Strategy

  • Digital Strategy

  • Brand Planning

  • Creative Concepting